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Professional Dance Instruction

 Professional Dance Instruction

Hi Dance Friends ~ 

We are already planning our 11th annual #SWUSTLICIOUS! Save the date

Oct 18-20, 2024

We have a really awesome staff ready to teach & dance with you. Join us for the same weekend in October, same hotel, and same crossover fun!  

Checkout the Swustlicious website for more info.

Save the dates for our monthly WCS socials for 2024: 

2/10 (Arjay Centeno), 3/9 (Angela), 4/13 (Omaid Karimi), 5/11 (Arjay Centeno), 6/8 (Lara Deni), 7/13 (Jen Ferreria), Fri 8/30 (due to SwingFling 8/10), Sun 9/29 Tea Dance (due to PhillySwing 9/14), 11/9 (Angela), and 12/14 (Kristen Shaw).

See you on the dance floor!  Angela 


Background Info:

Angela McCabe as been dancing professionally for over 15 years.  She is recognized for her smooth and musical style with an emphasis on partnering.  Angela teaches privates and group classes, performs and competes in the Hustle, West Coast Swing, and Country circuits. She recently became certified in the WCS Global Professional Dance Instructors Association (GPDIA) Beginner, Intermediate & Judging courses. She is known for performances, choreography and dance instruction. Overall, she enjoys sharing her enthusiasm for dancing and helping others to improve their technique and confidence. She loves to help everyone - social dancers, competitors, and her wedding couples alike. She was the IHDA's Female Am Point Leader for the 2006-2007 season, and subsequently turned Pro in 2007. Since then she has achieved many titles with several different partners, highlights including: Wingo Hom, George Garcia, Philip Spinka, Alan Saperstein & Gerry Morris. Angela and Wingo partnered almost 7 years as amateurs and achieved the IHDA point status and turned  Pro together. Angela and Philip danced in many successful Open divisions, P/A routines, as well as teaching workshops and featured performances for several years. Angela and Alan compete in Country and have been undefeated in their first year in Pro Div II. Gerry and Angela are currently teaching WCS weekly at Pivot Ballroom in Ardmore, PA. Angela also runs her own studio in the suburbs of Philadelphia. She also specializes in event management and competition assistance, relying heavily on her professional experience in IT and Project Management. Angela has also written her own Relative Placement Scoring software, currently used at a few events.  In addition, Angela is also co-founder of Sparklage Productions as well as co-choregrapher the Divalicious dance team, along with Stephanie Risser. Checkout the 10th annual event "Swustlicious" at!

For schedule information, privates, group classes, or info on her scoring system, 
please contact her via

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Private Lessons OPEN AGAIN

Upcoming Events 

  • WCS Social Dances for 2024
    Located at Pivot MLB in Ardmore, PA. Parties are normally on the 2nd Saturday of the month (though there might be some exceptions). Save the dates! 
    2/10, 3/9, 4/13, 5/11, 6/8, 7/13, 9/14, 11/9 and 12/14.

  • Beg/Int WCS ClassesThursdays at Pivot Ballroom in Ardmore PA

  • Beg 7:15-8:00pm; Int/Adv 8:00-9:00pm; practice party till 9:30pm. Taught by Angela McCabe & Gerry Morris. 

  • Oahu Danzventure 8/11-8/14/2023 — Angela is teaching, judging and performing at a new Hustle event in Hawaii.  More info at

WCS Fundamentals Background 

WCS is a form of swing dancing that is 
danced in a slot to blues, R&B, & even 
contemporary music. Basic patterns are 6 & 8 beats, but can be varied in 2 beat 
increments. We will start with basics & 
add on based on the level of attendees.  Come learn one of the most popular social dances with Angela McCabe & Gerry Morris!  



The Ultimate Crossover Social

Save the Date: October 18 – 20, 2024
Crown Plaza King of Prussia, PA

* WSDC sanctioning for WCS J&J Points!
* Fantastic professional staff
* Competitions are fun J&Js (leveled wcs, leveled hustle, sophisticated, masters & crossover)
* Saturday cocktail party 
* New additional ballroom!
* Come join us for an awesome weekend of
Hustle & West Coast Swing all in ONE room!  * More info coming soon!

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