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Dance Etiquette

Why is there a need to talk about etiquette? 
It’s the difference between having a great time and being uncomfortable. Everyone wants to have a good time and a lot of it is common sense. Here's some of the more popular topics...



​So what's a Successful Dance?

>> This can easily be gauge as someone who wants to dance with you again!  General tips for a successful dance include providing a good lead, don’t back lead, no verbal lead or teaching, pay attention and protect your partner. Make them feel appreciated and have fun!!

Getting Ready
>> Wear the appropriate clothes for where you are going and bring dance shoes.  Know if you need a change of shirt. Freshen up periodically.  Do all the basic personal grooming i.e, shower, deodorant, dental care (And, if someone offers you a mint/gum, always take it just in case!)

Rejecting a Dance
>> Have a good reason if you need to turn someone down and be sure to follow-up and dance with the them at another time.  Do not turn someone down, and then accept someone else. Turning someone down may discourage them from social dancing at all (especially if they are shy or are a beginner).


Floor Craft
>> Remember you are sharing the floor.  Leaders pay attention to the space that you have and don’t lead things socially that will take up too much space.  Save it for the end of the night. 
(Save lifts and drops for another time).

Dance Defensively
>> Pay attention to your surroundings.  Followers do not put all responsibility on the lead.  Pay attention as well so that you don’t crash. If something happens, apologize, regardless of fault.  No one wants to get hurt or to hurt someone else.  Never blame your partner for anything that may happen on the dance floor. (Not if you want him/her to dance with you again!)


>> Be kind to your partner.  Remember everyone starts out a s a beginner at some point.   If it’s someone you know, keep their preferences in mind.  In the situation where levels are different, usually the more experienced partner dances at the level of the less experienced partner.  Be friendly and try to socialize with everyone. This is a great way to garner more partners.

Do Not Teach on the Floor
>> Its called Lead and Follow for a reason.  Do not teach on the floor.  Do not give verbal leads.  If you want to request pointers, be sure to do it after the dance, and not while you are dancing. If your question doesn't have a quick answer, you may want to schedule a lesson at a more convenient time.


So you want to Compete?
>> Be sure to talk to your Pro about the appropriate level and prepare accordingly.   When you are at the event, be sure to be in the ballroom ahead of schedule, have you number, sign in ahead of time and do not leave the room.  Relax and breathe.  Overall, enjoy the song, have fun with your partner, and trust that your preparation has done its job.   Now it's time to have fun!!

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