Wedding Dance Information

Your "First" Dance

Angela teaches a lot of wedding couples.  Your first dance is one of the more spotlighted moments of the day, so give it the attention it deserves.  Dance lessons help make you more comfortable in front of everyone on your big day.  Dance instruction gives you confidence to move.  It can range from a simple intro or ending, to an entire choreographed song.    Lessons are by appointment and can take place in our studio, or even at the hotel.

You can kick things off with a lesson for just the bride & groom, or include the parents (e.g., father/daughter or mother/son dances), or even the bridal party.   It can be a fun way to get everyone together.  


Dance it Out!

Wedding Packages

You can kick things off with a lesson for:

* Bride & Groom "First" Dance

* Father/Daughter Dance

* Mother/Son Dance

* Bridal Party


It can be a fun way to get everyone together. 


Additional lessons can be arranged as needed.  


There are special Wedding Packages for a block of lessons at a discounted price.

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​Email to customize a package that works for you

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